How helpful is Studiosity?

When I first experienced Studiosity, it was clear and easy to navigate on the website with only two options, ‘Ask a question’ and ‘Submit your document’. I thought it was going to be complex to use but I was definitely wrong.

This is the first time for me to gather feedback from my assignment, as I always went through the education system of completing work and not worrying about feedback until I submit it, then wait to read feedback after receiving marks. What I’ve learnt now, is to always gather feedback from someone that has a greater skill set in writing because you get to identify your weak spots, whether it’s structure, language or your sentence before submitting assignments.

When submitting my Ass#1 step 3 on Studiosity, it only took 24 hours for my assignment to come back with feedback. I was very impressed. I opened my reviewed assignment and received helpful advise, mainly about my formalities. Even though I believe it’s difficult to have formality in Ass#1 because you are reflecting about your company and it’s a blog. Do you need formality in a blog? I don’t know. Could someone answer that for me? but I wonder if you had similar feedback as well? I believe Danielle Bradley Ass#1 had similarities on the formality feedback. However Studiosity does provide a very supportive role to improve your writing with one very useful tip I wanted to share, the ‘P.E.E.L’ framework: ‘Point – clearly identify your main point; Evidence – support your point with evidence; Explain – how the evidence supports your point; Link – the point back to the main topic / following paragraph.’

After experiencing Studiosity for the first time, I’ll be definitely using the platform more frequently for the next 5 years of my studies, to identify weak points in my writing and communication skills.

I would love to hear feedback on your experience with Studiosity. Comment and share!

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