About Me

Hi everyone my name is Andrew.

This is my first time enrolling in university and being the first on my side of the family. (Woohoo!)

I was born in a town called Wollongong, New South Wales, where soccer was my everything. I played soccer everyday, at school, after school and on weekends for a team called Fernhill and as a NSW rep. I was very active and still am today but don’t have the ability to play soccer how I use to when I was young. Since then I moved to Queensland meeting my beautiful wife Vanessa, who supports me on this journey of Bachelor of Law and Accounting that I’m very excited to be part of.

Vanessa and I had our first baby last year, a beautiful 9 month old girl named Ariana. Who’s an angel when she eats and outside of that, loves to play.

I currently work full-time in a sales role for a Technology company which is a challenging environment because you need the ability to get outside your comfort zone to talk to people, find out their needs and sell them a product. But being in business to business sales, there’s complexities involved and being part of a contractual basis, clients have to trust you to fulfill their requirements on a yearly basis for up to 5 years.

This is one of the challenges I placed myself in to grow and prosper for the future on where I want to be in 10 years and to apply for Bachelor of Law and Accounting, which I’m very excited to collaborate with others and growing together to gain a deeper understanding, will further my self-development to a prosperous career for my family.

I’m excited to be studying and collaborating with you all this term and don’t forget to provide some feedback on my blog!


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